Tim Nolen - Banjo, vocals
Tim (the 'ole cowboy) has lived about four lives already: rodeo rider (saddle bronc), jazz trumpet player, international opera star and Broadway leading man.  Tim was The Phantom, in Phantom of The Opera, on Broadway! And he's not even twenty yet!  Well, maybe in dog years.  His family always played bluegrass on the radio when he was just a young caballero. They called it Hillbilly music. He thought it was low class then and hated it.  Kids.  Humph.  He's gone back to his roots... it happens, folks.  Now he's playing the banjo and singing the good stuff again.  Halleluah.

Dave Dillman - Bass, vocals
Dave started in music in high school, playing banjo in coffeehouses during the dread "Folk Scare". After a long hiatus, he was drafted into the Chicago bluegrass band, The Bluegrass Outfielders. While in Chicago he helped found Whistlepig and played with The Backporch Barbeque Ramblers and Terry Breen and the Has Beens along with many bluegrass jams. Dave was a founding member of Railyard Reunion and has returned after some time off for pesky things like a day job.

Paul Bast - Guitars, vocals
Railyard Reunion’s newest member, multi-instrumentalist Paul can be found most often on resonator guitar. Paul played in several bands in his home state of Wisconsin (just slightly north of Galax, Virginia).  A singer-songwriter, his solo CD release, Can What You Can't  has been featured on many radio stations, I-tunes, as well as on the pages of Bluegrass Unlimited and Bluegrass Now  magazines.

Dan Michael - Mando, vocals
Dan started playing guitar in the 60's focusing on folk music, finger picking, blues and the like.  In the late 70's early 80's he became a card-carrying Turkey (inspired by Norman Blake) while playing with an Old-time/Irish band in Columbus OH during his grad school years called;  you guessed it, Turkeys in the Straw.  Playing with the Turkeys, the list of fiddle tunes flying around his brain kept expanding.   Several years into the new millennium he picked up a Weber Mando, and can't put it down.  "Where has this been all my life?". Playing mando for Railyard Reunion is pushing Dan into bluegrass and beyond... who knows where it will lead? 

Railyard Reunion emerged in December, 2009, from musicians who jammed for years at the Cowgirl Bluegrass Jam Sessions. We've reunited as a dedicated band to share our version of Bluegrass and Americana styles of music. We're excited about the result of merging our diverse musical experiences and look forward to sharing our music with you.